Do you know there is an average of 1 in 4 homes dealing with some type of family violence or abuse?

​Do you know how to heal from what you were trained to accept and prevent a repeated cycle happening to your children?

​Are you aware that most crimes of child abuse occur within our homes or are committed by someone the child is taught to respect?

​Do you know how to give your child the greatest weapon of all to help protect against these crimes?
"Trecia Ann" the child who found her voice.
Art Creation By: Michal Madison​​

​I have not always been safe or believed in myself enough to share my voice. In truth, I've only been safe about 7 years and only found my voice in 2010 when I began creating 'My Justice'. It all began as simply a journal for my children; a memoir to apologize for all they had to endure because of the wounds I carried so long. 

​My life was invaded at age 5 when the man my mother chose to marry brutally molested me. What he took that night trapped me in a lifetime of cruelty; he took away MY VOICE. For 12 years I was trained as a slave to my family and the evil of my stepfather. This set a pattern of accepting abuse and violence, which kept me trapped to endure 20 years of Interpersonal Violence, Control, Degradation, and even Attempted Murder.

​​The life I had been so well trained to accept as “Normal”, invaded my children’s lives because of my inability to make Safe Choices. This is the cycle of generational abuse and family violence, which has existed since the beginning of mankind. There has been a struggle of power over another since God created Adam and Eve. It is this need for greater power to intimidate and control those around us, that has led to the development of status in our society. The programming of the powerful Dominant Male, Submissive Female and Non-Existent Rights of our Children has created a home of dysfunction.

We can change what has festered silently and destroyed the lives of millions. This is the basis of why I use my voice, my story, my survival to speak against the violent and abusive training of our children each day. 
Tricia McKnight
"Some see the title of this highly praised memoir, "My Justice" and think there must have been some form of legal justice for the crimes against her. In truth, there has never been anyone brought up on charges for the many beatings, attempted murders, and rapes against the child or woman who endured decades of brutality. The title is directed at the voice she has finally found within. It is the freedom to speak publicly without fear or shame that is this survivor's justice." 
Patricia A. McKnight

Tricia is an expert in Child Abuse and Relationship Violence having spent most of her life learning to battle through her days under the threat of  molestation, rape, severe battery, and even death. She now reaches out to others who are facing the darkness, bewildered and lost in the confusion of finding who they truly are inside. She provides positive support, coping skills, a mass of information about the destruction of innocence through these attacks. You can read her highly acclaimed memoir, "My Justice". ​​ 

She shares in an interview with Best Selling Author/Child Advocate/Founder of I Care Foundation; Mr. Peter Thomas Senese, exactly how this memoir came to life. In the essay of questions, Ms. McKnight enlightens us on her creation. She didn't intend to share it with the world. She didn't believe that sharing her story mattered to anyone.

"My Justice" started as a journal of explanation and apology to her children. Tricia felt in the midst of her Third Nervous Breakdown, that her children deserved to know why their lives had been invaded with dysfunction and emotional destruction. Her three children, who were born and lived throughout some twelve years of madness, had been traumatized by what they viewed and experienced in their own lives. It was the brainwashing and programming of their mother that led to the cycle of violence and abuse they were forced to endure. Now she has not only apologized to her children, but has written her memoir so well put together it has been compared to the horror and torment of one survivor story which made it to the New York Times Best Seller List, the powerful story of "A Child Called It" by Mr. Dave Pelzer. Rest assured that with enough promotion, this story too will be one of the greats. Already used to teach at the collegiate level for psychology in family therapy. 'My Justice' most certainly is a heroine story of incredible survival while empowering a path for everyone to rebuild and recover despite the evil of others and the sense of madness left behind.

​​​Tricia has been growing more active within her own community. In her small rural Illinois area of Breese, she hosted a Child Abuse Awareness Balloon Release Event on April 1st, 2012. The event gave tribute to the 5 children who die on average each day at the hands of their abuser. ​ This was the beginning of her Empowerment Speaking and she has been called on as a guest speaker for the Violence Prevention Center of South Western Illinois, ( ), and other organizations to give her voice.

​  Tricia's voice is just one small "mouse" out of the millions who are coming out from the darkness of their own abuse. Through her many Talk Radio shows, as a featured guest or as a Producer & Host; she encourages all of society to take part in the initiative to break the cycle of what has been so commonly accepted as "Normal" within our family and relationships.

These are just a few of the topics to be shared here. Tricia also directs her empowerment speaking engagements to cover the issues of how we can provide a safer environment within our homes and communities. It is only with an entire societal effort that we will be able to change what has been generationally accepted as "Normal" within our homes and relationships. Together we can all learn to be the extended arm of help and provide resources to help victims escape the vicious crimes from those they trust to protect and guide them. By first beginning to recognize these acts as crimes and prosecute them in the manner of law provided when a stranger attacks, we can provide one SAFE environment at a time.
Patricia A. McKnight
Finally Living True Freedom​
Illinois DCFS Child Abuse Statistics Report, Updated 2011
Here are just a few of the SHOCKING STATS from 2011

Calls increased in 2011 -
Reports Called to DCFS= 258,999

Reported Child Abuse = 49,167
Reported Neglect         =​​​ 78,247
Physical Abuse               =​ 13,878
Sexual Abuse                  =  9,225

Death Due To Neglect = 158      Death from Abuse = 60

 ***TOTAL DEATH FROM ABUSE = 218​​​​​​

Parental Abusers..............14,028***

Sibling Abusers​​​​...................      443

Grandparent Abusers.......      536

Stranger Attacks/Abuse...      823​​​​

FEMALE ABUSERS...............  8,256***​​

MALE ABUSERS....................  5,077​​***
 Awareness is the Key - Vigilance is the Need!!! You are invited to review the latest updates of the shocking statistics as reported into the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data Systems. You will find the report breakdown, created by Patricia 'Trish' McKnight, Child Maltreatment Report FFY 2011. This is a collective report from all 52 States. See the Excel form in the report for your states numbers and the overall alarming numbers of calls reported but dismissed without investigation.
Because of the low number of CPS workers in our country, totaling just 33,000 there were sadly 2.3 Million calls into the system dismissed by call taker or each State's Mandated Reporting Guidelines.
If you would like to connect with Tricia about speaking at your upcoming event; please forward an email to: or check out the continuous inspiration she gives on Facebook, . You will also find writings shared on her growing blog site,  or published in St. Louis Domestic Violence and Abuse.

If you are in need of assistance in the Illinois counties of Monroe, St. Clair, Randolph - Please contact this amazing and highly dedicated team; Violence Prevention Center Of SouthWestern Illinois,

Getting help and getting out is possible!!!​​
Tricia wants you to take a look at some shocking facts in her state of Illinois.
"​ The tragedy is knowing this has not changed since I grew up here and many are still very secretive about discussing this topic. If we don't talk about it then who will? If we don't stand up to create a community based assistance to prevent these crimes, then who will? There is not a magic pill that science can create to change these violent and sexual abuses against our children, our partners; those who are our greatest gift in this life.

​​What I share in these statistics should be alarming to everyone across the globe. How can we leave our children to defend themselves against those intended by God to protect and guide them? Look at these numbers and who the offenders of these crimes truly are. It's not the monster down the street or the pedophile lurking in the night that is our greatest danger. Our most severe danger comes from those who live with us; in our homes, inside the walls built to give us shelter and protection from the elements of the world, this is now THE GREATEST DANGER TO US ALL!!!

​​Please get involved, speak up and report the acts you see, seek help for family, friends, neighbors who are trapped in this madness. It is only with a united effort that we can ever truly expect to make a difference." Patricia A. McKnight 

You can read the FIRST FIVE CHAPTERS of "My Justice"
Free Online through Amazon, Barne's & Nobel, Authorhouse, Google​​​​

This novel will shake the moral fortitude of your soul!! You will wonder how anyone could possibly have lived in this hell and survived. This is a must read story for everyone in our society that has contact with children, learn the many silent signs a survivor will carry. Learn how a woman, a mother and her children ever made it through to find true freedom!!!

You will be shocked at the entire community who stood by watching a little girl rot away in the neglect of her mother and the permitted evil attacks of her stepfather. Where was everyone? Why didn't someone do something? Why did no one care enough to reach out a hand and rescue this child from the murder of her soul?

Connect and Find out more as you read "My Justice'
Masterfully Written by: Patricia A. McKnight
Author/Advocate/Speaker/Talk Radio Prod & Host/Survivor
Founder: Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Programming​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Photo Art Provided By:
Michal Madison
Highly Talented and Praised Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Survivor​​

"My Justice" Is Removing The Coal Stained Hand That Held Me Captive In Silence; Finding Freedom In My Voice From The Secrets Of My Past 
"If Tricia's story would have been heard ten years ago, she would be telling it on the Today Show"!!! --- Shared by Ms. Darlene Jones, Exec. Director, VPCSWI
Speaking at the Illinois Healthcare Grant Training presented by:
Dr. Elaine Alpert, MD, MPH -Senior Global Health Fellow
Sponsored by: Violence Prevention Center of SW IL
Child abuse, its life's training, and how healthcare professionals may be the only chance of hope & rescue for children and adults living in abusive relationships today.​​​
St. Clair County Predator Reform Program
July 10th, 6pm @ St. Clair County Courthouse
Director of Legal Advocacy – Ms. Lisa Chilton

Opening – Your Honors, other legal parties in attendance, and offenders

First I’d like to thank everyone, especially the Legal Advocacy Department through the Violence Prevention Center for finally giving the victim I once was a chance to be heard in the very courthouse that would have given me justice & protection back then. To stand here and give my voice is a crucial step in my continued healing and personal growth; so it is a very big step for the voice that was taken away so many years ago.

There were many times in my past when I became a predator’s victim. The first of those was when my mother gave me as property to my stepfather at just 5 yrs. old. His actions were sadistic brutal molestations, rape by the use of a shotgun barrel, repeated beatings which left me bruised for days and the continued exploitation and selling of a young girl for the price of a couple of beers.

My mother also became an abuser as she refused any form of basic human needs. From never being given a toothbrush or taken to a dentist, going without feminine napkin products, watching as her daughter was beaten, sold, exploited, and although we had the best medical insurance at that time, allowing her daughter to physically rot away in the filth encrusted body of a child who could not even have the safety to bathe in her own home. Rather than seeing me as human or as the daughter she brought into this world, I was her slave; the family cook, caregiver, housekeeper, babysitter, and ordered to respond to the ring of a little brass bell.

Other abusers in my childhood were the community adults and school mates who either attended parties where I was handed out as the entertainment; those who raped me & those who watched me be raped. The adult men & teen boys who came to our house for late night alcohol and marijuana filled parties where their purpose was nothing more than to be entertained by the young teenaged girl who was ordered to drink and take part as hostess and their toy until the early morning hours.

Also, I would have to hold responsible the many adults who were school officials, teachers, neighbors, family friends, and even law enforcement for all neglected their duty to report the maltreatment they witnessed and the bruises they saw every day on the young girl they all knew. These adults of Freeburg, Illinois had a responsibility to report but instead they watched for nine consecutive years as my teeth became black broken fangs; my skin covered with puss infected flesh eating sores, my body repeatedly seen with various bruises from the lash marks of the sliced leather belt, or the deep black, purple & yellow colored marks left from the fists, or the handprints. Throughout all of the repeated offenses, not one of those community adults ever said a word or questioned my wellbeing.

This was my young life, I grew up in that daily nightmarish environment for a total of twelve long years; each day spent hoping and praying that someone would help rescue me from the monsters who were my parents. There were at least three times when I asked for my mother’s help, but she chose to ignore her young daughter’s pleas. I ran away at least twice, but sadly she just took me back into that home and watched as it all continued. The last time I went to my mother was when I was twelve. She must have finally said something to him, because just two days later my stepfather came home raging; called me upstairs to his room & as my brother and sister watch TV downstairs; I was first forced at gun point to strip in front of the window, lay down on his bed, and without being able to make so much as a whimper he used the barrel of his favorite threatening shotgun to brutally rip my insides apart as he raped me and stated; ‘If you say another word about what is happening, I will blow your f’ing brains out from the inside.’ That was the last time I spoke of my tortured childhood until I was almost 40 yrs. old.
These monsters were my parents; still the highest rate of offenders against children today.

There are also the predators who lured a submissive broken woman into their controlling and violent relationships through the façade’ of tenderness, love and safety. These predators were the men who didn’t wear any signs that I could read because of all the mistreatment, sexual torture, and violence I’d grown up learning to accept as normal.

Within months after moving me in with them or marrying me; they slowly began to manipulate and control every second of my day. They isolated me from the world either by bolting me into our home, refusing to let me work, or refusing any personal friendships with others. I’ve been tied up with phone cords, strangled; had numerous weapons used against me; been beaten beyond my own recognition; endured attempted drowning and other such attempted murders; all of which were inflicted with threats to protect the dark secrets. Throughout many years I’ve had my life and then my children’s lives threatened and tormented in various ways. The last brutal beating came back to haunt me as I am left with permanent spinal cord damage and a busted back, which has resulted in no longer being able to work as a productive member of society. The lifelong impact of this thirty plus years living in fierce violence and sexual destruction has left me battling PTSD, Depression, Severe Anxiety problems, Fibromyalgia, and many other chronic health related issues.

I understand the purpose of the predator reform program, but as once a victim; now however a survivor from their inflicted trauma, I’ve founded my own program to help others like myself; published my autobiography, received my 40hr. Certified Advocate Training, founded one of the fastest growing abuse talk radio networks, and each day I help as many others as I can find the courage to break their silence and heal from their wounds of abuse and torture. It is the voice in me today that I use to implore each of you to begin holding offenders accountable for their actions, even the most simplest of threatening control and violence; especially for those acts against children. Only when our legal system begins to prosecute these crimes for the intense personal violation of another human being will we then begin an entire reform from what is so commonly seen as normal within our homes, relationships, and families, and now even within our schools committed by other children because of what they see within their homes.

To your honors, legal attendees and offenders; I beg you all to see these crimes deeper than the surface damage. See inside the controlling need for power by the most simplest of offenders, then into the heart and soul of the terrorized victims who are manipulated, verbally destroyed and threatened beyond all measures to never speak up or seek help. It is rare for a victim to find the courage to speak against their abuser without first healing and knowing they have support. Our legal system has a responsibility to uphold the protections of all citizens, especially those youngest victims who have no voice the ones who control their very existence. You Sirs & Madams; have an opportunity to be the beginning of change in our society starting today.

Thank you, for finally permitting the victim in me to gain some sense of justice as I address all of you here in this courthouse. I can only pray that my words have reached all of your hearts as I beg you to be part of the help and hope for all victims of threatening violent crimes and sexual abuses today.
Victim Impact Statement
July 10th, 2013​
Finally I am Free
No More Secrets Kept
No More Silence
No More!!​​​
'My Justice'
A story whose horror and life filled with torture can only be compared to
'A Child Called It'​
Training Presentation -  September 19th, 2013 - Trish will be giving a two hour Training Presentation for Advocates at the Victim's Rights Annual Conference held in Bay City, Michigan - Invited by the Michigan Prosecuting Attorney's Association. Training Session with Trish, is worth 2.0 Credits through their training administration. Thank you
My Latest Speaking Engagements:
Domestic Violence Offender Reform Education & Prevention Panel Member - Quarterly Attendance

University of Illinois - Professor Nancy J. Scannell - Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention - Nov 2014

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University of Illinois ECCE Community Speaker Panel - Human Trafficking & Family Crimes Prevention - Nov 2015

Along with the many university presentations, awareness & prevention panels, I've also spoken at a number of area churches in South Central Illinois area. If you would like to find out more about the Family Crimes Prevention Presentation, please email:
This presentation & it's speaker/creator are unlike anything you've ever considered in the educational understanding and victims support recovery services in the dynamics of Family Crimes and Home Violence. 

Reviewed as 'Groundbreaking material never introduced before' by Dr. Elise Lobue, University of Illinois Springfield, Adjunct Professor & UIS Women's Center.

Hoyleton Ministries Direct Care Staff reviewed as highly informative. Information of fear & trauma not previously considered or discussed on this scale.

Hoyleton Ministries Foster Parent Education/Training​​​​​​ -'Absolutely magnificent material which I wish I would have known before. I could have helped save my granddaughter before things got really bad for her.'