For more than thirty years Patricia lived through one violent offender after another; endured one vicious attack after another. She felt there was some kind of special tag stamped on her forehead, 'This one will suffer more than most.' She lived in a threatened ongoing silence as her stepfather repeatedly either harmed her, or used threats of vicious harm or stalking to continue his control and keep her quiet. It wasn't until she was almost 38 years old that she finally found the courage to say anything at all, which only came after her doctor was caring for her 2nd broken collar bone. It is when we finally break through the barriers of our abuser's enforced & threatened silence, that we can begin to heal. The first time is very difficult. Victims and Survivors take a huge risk in asking for help. They face societal judgements in their professional career, their friendships, love relationships, and even questions of their sanity. If you or someone you know has suffered these traumatic attacks and painful memories, please use your greatest tool to take back control over your life, please use your voice; tell someone you trust of the personal journey you've endured. The more often you are able to break down those walls of built of fear & silence, in truth the more powerful you will become in reclaiming your inner self, your confidence, and your right to live in a SAFE life. You are no longer trapped in their nightmare. 

​​​​Some other helpful information about being in repetitive patterns of violent situations:
It's way too easy to become prey for another abuser, because of the emotional wounding from the previous abuse. It's common to feel 'trained' and that this is 'what you deserve'. Abusive person's can see these traits in us and know just by the way you carry yourself if you are someone they can overpower. Remember they look for these types of persons; the one's who walk trapped inside shame & fear. An abuser cannot tolerate a strong personality, they cannot be with someone whom they cannot manipulate & control. 

Signs an abusive person looks for in their next victim:
1) Lack of Self Confidence, slumped sunken posture rather than a strong confident nature
2) Quiet about sharing thoughts and opinions, afraid others will say they're 'stupid'
3) Stepping out of the way for others, standing in the shadows
4) Submissive in nature to avoid confrontation for fear of being harmed or disappointing anyone. 

Protect yourself and your value as a human being at all costs!!! Learn about your State & Federal Laws, which ensure your individual right to be safe in your person, protected by our laws, and given equality to justice in our courts. 

The only person who has control over your dreams is you. When you begin to believe in your ability, take the steps to achieve your dreams; then your transformation will take form and you will become your own true thriver!!!​ Registered & Protected
Childhelp U.S.A.

NationalDomestic Violence Hotline

Rape,Abuse,Incest National Network


A few testimonials about our advocacy efforts
From Author/Advocate/Artist:
Lynn C. Tolson "Beyond the Tears - A True Survivors Story".............​Patricia McKnight has taken her advocacy for victims and battle for justice to a higher calling: by using a variety of internet sites and public speaking venues, she is able to provide hope, healing, education and empowerment. She is an activist who expends energy and enthusiasm to offer information via her personal experience and professional knowledge from, victim advocate training to public speaking engagements. (2014)
Ms. Debra Mize: Director Prevention & Education Against Domestic Violence
Violence Prevention Center SW IL; ​"Patricia McKnight's work has truly been an inspiration to many victims as they make their journey to survivor. She has learned to take the horror of what was done TO her and create a space of peace, healing and growth for many through her writing, online presence and radio shows. People will learn and live from her efforts and make a space where the pain has been to create a positive future." (2013)

Welcome to Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery

Inspiring new ideas, changing old perceptions, and empowering daily recovery for men, women and children dealing with some form of past or present abuse, violence or trafficking; ending the cycle of what has become
Common Human Behaviors & Our Greatest Human Tragedy


Before we can change their future we must change our acceptance in acts of

Family Crimes - The true human tragedy​​​

FACT: CDC estimates 45 million Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse today
(1 in 3) children are being harmed in some form of direct Family Crime

FACT:​​ 1
593 deaths related to either physical or neglectful child abuse were reported in 2012?

FACT: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking is most commonly committed by those who have direct control and access to the child; Family Members 

Fact: In 2011 more than 2.3 Million Child Maltreatment Reports went without response or investigation. (largely due to not enough investigators)​​

​​FFY 2011 Child Maltreatment Report reveals 'Other' or 'Unknown' offenders to children only account for 6.6% of the 3.7 Million reports entered across the nation

We are bringing you scientific studies & alternative concepts of these centuries old crimes, which most often for children, have been continuously enforced by acts of family related grievous harm throughout our human existence. ​​

​​Tragically you may be one of these victims or know someone who has endured a violent or sexually destructive childhood. If you're the person who has endured these vicious types of harm, I am so deeply sorry, but I know what it's like and this site is created to provide hope, help, understanding and personal Daily Recovery Tools. The Six Daily Steps I've used for almost ten years in the continued journey of rebuilding, creating, and becoming the person I want to be today.

The Butterfly Dreams Motto is, 'Live Strong & Fly Free'. This site information has been put together by a strong voice in advocacy, awareness & prevention, for the past five years. A person whose voice was once like yours, silent; locked away without hope for something better. Patricia McKnight lived for more than 30yrs in a brutal and constant tumultuous life, but inside she felt this deep inner need to live a stable positive life, desperate to find love; to be SAFE. However the many decades of trying to merely survive had distorted her perceptions, beliefs, and her ability to make rational safe choices to give her children a stable, SAFE HOME.

The collection of tools and presentations, have been created to help change the perception and common tolerance of criminal actions and personal attacks which exist within the confines of our homes. It is this very precious space which should protect us from the dangers of the outside world, not become the most violent and dangerous place our children know. In 'Steps to Recovery' a survivor will find the inner confidence destroyed by these dangerous environments and in teaching themselves a new pattern of thought & behaviors they can break the cycle of destruction, becoming strong and self sufficient in society as well as more positive loving role models for their children, family members, and an inspiration for their friends.

Our past centuries of human existence have taught generation after generation to keep these deep family secrets of harm, molestation, even rape and torture. Children have been forced by their parents to take part in sex trafficking acts, selling or trading them for money, drugs, or simply because they could. Children today and children of yesterday have endured threats against their life, threats with weapons, strangulation, head bashing beatings, and often constant verbal berating which twists the truth of these dangerous acts to become something the child expects; twisted to believe they deserve this type of harm;
​'If I wasn't so bad then they wouldn't.....'

On the page tabs of our menu above, you'll find information Ms. McKnight has either learned in her lived experience, through her research to produce over two hundred live talk radio broadcasts & special interviews, or in her ongoing mission of continued education in trainings which include; Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Elder Abuse & Mental/Emotional Wellness. We've broken down the individual educational knowledge, then provided Resources and the 'Steps to Recovery' approach used by Patricia herself for almost a decade. She's used these tools also in online support groups, through personal mentoring, and one on one recovery support in assisting more than 150 persons (men, women, & few teens) these last three years. It is our greatest hope that you find this information so absolutely refreshing in the empowerment to educate ourselves, talk with our teens, and also help one another in community support that you'll recommend or share the website with your family, friends, in advocacy to change our past to better protect their future. If you would like to invite Ms. McKnight to give a presentation for your staff, churches, universities, please email her direct:

If you're a survivor or know someone who is, we'd like you to visit the 'Steps to Recovery' page. Try one little tool at a time and see if it helps you regain your inner sense of a positive self. The first step to changing anything in life, will always depend on the choices you make and the amount of personal effort you put in to help make it become your new reality, your new safe pattern of life. This is a choice only you can make but it will help you become a strong positive person for yourself and help you change the continued cycle of tolerance in your children's lives.
​"​​​Let's not allow any past trauma to destroy your true inner identity" ~~ trish

​Be well & Be Strong!! 
​​ It is a new day and a new time in our human existence, we know more today about trauma and the impacts of these negative environments than ever before. 

                              The hope for change begins with you!
Barbara Ochoa
Exective Director of P. Luna Foundation
Funny, Patricia never does anything unless she does it with completion and excellence. I asked her to help me with our organization's Male Abuse Awareness Week Dec.1-8 campaign in 2013. She not only did a week of interviews on the BDRadio Show, she did two! She busted her butt finding and scheduling the right guests for the shows she did for us. I was in awe at the amount of dedication and hard work she put into it. On the air she is powerful and engaging. She knows how to deal with all types of people in interviews and gets the most out of them. A true professional.

As an author, I found her book to be a page turner and just as good as any best seller I have read. I was completely engaged in the story and the people she wrote about (including herself.) Not to mention the editing of the book was flawless and better than I have seen from any of the larger publishers.

As a friend she is very devoted and I my life is much richer with her in it.
Thank you Trish for being a champion for our cause to fight cruelty abuse and if there is anything you ever need from me, you know where I am. :) Petra Luna; PLuna Foundation
Federal E.I.N.# and Illinois Incorporation License on site at the Breese, Illinois location.
'Trish' McKnight
Author & Advocate​
Trish's story of destruction, crime, and constant terror, with empowering life reclaiming, outstanding survival has received many Five Star Reviews and been used in collegiate level psychology education by ​Dr. Brenda Joyce Markert-Green; La Sierra University, Riverside CA
All artwork on this website is a donation from child advocate & watercolor artist
                                      Michal Madison;
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Read Patricia's very personal journey in living the cycle of 'Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse' as she published in: 'My Justice'​. Available through, Amazon, Barne's & 
Noble; Paperback, Ebook, Kindle & Nook Versions. Best pricing -
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Always believe anything is possible with you in the active equation ~~ trish mcknight
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"Nothing so powerful since 'A Boy Called It' by the incredible Dave Pelzer" Debra Mize
​​Violence Prevention Center of SW IL, Director of Prevention & Education- Certified Life Coach; Metamorphosis

"Since first reading this story back in March 2012, I've been using Ms. McKnight's 'My Justice' as part of my curriculum in teaching my students of Marriage & Family Therapy. It is truly an emotionally engaging autobiography with a specific look into the daily survival of a child who is trapped within the unimaginable cruelty of her parents and then goes on to become a victim of repeated violent and dysfunctional relationships." Dr. Brenda Joyce Orozco Markert-Green, Owner & CEO at Afterglow Counseling, Mediation & Family Services, Trainer for American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, Educator and Adjunct Faculty Board Member of La Sierra University, located in Riverside, California

​​"Patricia McKnight's deeply inspired 'My Justice' is a book of novels because through it, many individuals directly and indirectly who were once prisoners of abuse have learned to find the courage to find their voice, break the chains of abuse, and realize that they are in fact their own architects capable of building their own Cathedrals of Hope" - Peter Thomas Senese, Best Selling Author & Founder I CARE Foundation

"As an active member in the Retired Teachers Association and with the mentoring of upcoming educators now in college, there is not enough I can say about how this book has changed my entire thinking process. ‘My Justice’ is a book which I highly recommend for anyone who spends time with children.’ Ms. Linda Walcher

​​From the Author Ms. Patricia A. McKnight; "‘The purpose for publishing ‘My Justice’ was a need to explain and apologize to my children for the many broken repeated violent relationships I engaged in, which have left their own wounds. The bitter truth is there was never any legal form of justice to come from all the years, but I needed to release myself from the hand covering my mouth and holding me captive in dysfunctions and madness all these decades; this is how and why I needed to publish this story."